Balto – Dog Knee Brace – BT JUMP


BT-JUMP is a dog knee brace designed for cases of cruciate ligament, luxation of the patella, knee joint conditions such as arthritis and arthrosis, varus and valgus.

It can be used both as an alternative to surgery and in post-surgery (TTO, TTA, TPLO, DeAngelis).


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Balto – Dog Knee Brace – BT JUMP



The Balto Dog Knee Brace ‘BT JUMP’ has been designed for cases of cruciate ligament rupture (ACL), luxation of the patella, knee joint conditions such as arthritis and arthrosis.


This dog knee brace can be used both as an alternative to surgery and in post-surgery (TTO, TTA, TPLO, DeAngelis, tie rope, extracapsular).

BT JUMP has two pockets containing rigid, laser-cut alloy, removable splints, designed to restrict knee movement.

An abdominal band ensures that the brace is positioned at the right height on the leg.
An alternative band called an “anchor kit” is provided for use when the abdominal band is unsuitable. The “anchor kit” is worn dorsally, attached to the uninjured, contralateral leg.
An additional “Collar Link” is provided and can be used if needed in order to prevent the abdominal belt, or “anchor kit” from sliding.

The brace can also be used without the removable splints for conditions such as arthritis and arthrosis. This is because the compression it provides increases the blood pressure in the area, thus raising the temperature and reducing the pain caused by the conditions.




Before proceeding with your purchase, please make sure you have taken the correct measurements on your dog as shown below.
If you have any doubts, please contact us by email and send us:
– measurements (A, H)
– weight of your pet
– breed of your pet
– A photo of your dog

Measurement A:

Do not measure on the knee.
Do not measure in the groin area
Measure the circumference of the leg just at mid-distance between the 2 (knee and groin)
For measurement, the leg must be in full extension and the dog standing. If your dog is in pain and lifting the injured leg, then please measure the controlateral leg (the healthy leg).


Measurement H:

Like measuring a child against a wall.
Place your dog along a wall, use a book or something to slide against the rump / lumbar spine (it is the back of your dog above the hind legs) and make a pencil mark on wall.
Then measure the distance (from floor to pencil mark) on the wall.

Dogs with a sore leg for several days or weeks tend to develop a sore back and will round it to reduce the pain.
A round back will show a higher H value that the dog’s normal height.
A relaxation massage is a good technique for resolving a rounded back. Your dog will probably love it.

If the back is still rounded then please measure H near the base of the tail or send us a picture of your dog with the tape next to him/her.


Size Circumference A Height H
XXS 10-16cm / 3.9-6.3in  20-26cm / 7.9-10.2in 3-6kg / 6.6-13.2lb
XS 16-19cm / 6.3-7.5in 26-38cm / 10.2-15in 5-10kg / 11-22lb
S 21-26cm / 8.2-10.2in 38-48cm / 15-18.9in 10-20kg / 22-44lb
M 26-31cm / 10.2-12.2in 48-60cm / 18.9-23.6in 15-30kg / 33-66lb
L 29-38cm / 11.4-15in 60-70cm / 23.6-27.5in 28-45kg / 61.7-99.2lb
XL 36-45cm / 14.2-17.7in 68-78 cm / 26.7-30.7in 45-62kg / 99.2-137lb



Please do not select the size of the brace based on the examples below.
You Need To Measure Your Dog.
  • XXS (CATS and TINY DOG): Pomeranians, Chihuahuas
  • XS (SMALL DOGS): Jack Russell, Shih Tzu
  • S (MIDSIZE DOGS): Beagle, Cocker Spaniel, French Bulldog
  • M (MEDIUM DOGS): Border Collie, Kelpie
  • L (LARGE DOGS): German Shepherd, Labrador/Golden Retriever, Rottweiler, Doberman
  • XL (GIANT DOGS): Bullmastiff, Great Dane, Large Rottweiler, and Doberman…



Our dog knee brace is designed for STANDARD LEG PROPORTIONS (size/shape).

All three measurements (A, H, Weight) must indicate the same size in the size chart.

If ANY of the measurements you obtain do not enter the same size category, the brace may not fit (e.g : dogs with short legs & large thighs). Should it be the case, please email us pictures for the measurements you took, the breed and weight of your dog. This will help us assess the way you took the measurements and recommend the appropriate size to select.
Example: Bulldog, Bull Terrier, Westie, Cairn, Basset Hound, Corgi…




If you are standing behind your dog looking in the same direction, then the right leg is the one on your right.
For example, the dog in the main photograph above is wearing the brace on its RIGHT LEG.



Ensuring the stability of the affected part often means aiding recovery.
The 2 angled lateral aluminum splints inserted in the sides of the BT-JUMP Dog Knee Brace restrict movement, as required, controlling the area which needs to be held still, while the abdominal belt keeps the support in place.




Look at your brace and identify the abdominal belt, the collar link, the anchor kit, and the brace with its straps.
Find the patella or knee cap of your dog. The hole of the brace should be centered on the knee cap of your dog.



Note: It is easier to fit the brace if your dog is standing.

  1. Open the abdominal belt and close it around your dog’s belly. Tighten it just enough to help position the knee brace at the right level on the leg.
  2. Open all the straps of the brace and place the knee brace with the hole centered on the patella.
  3. Starting at the top, close one strap at a time. Please note that for small breeds (XXS and XS size) the brace has only one knee strap. Adjust the abdominal brace a bit tighter if needed.
  4. The dog should have its leg straight when sitting and lying down. If the brace slides down and the dog flexes its leg when sitting or lying down then it means it is too loose.



  • If your dog tends to lift or drag its leg instead of bearing weight on it while walking, check the lowest strap near the hock. It may be too tight and be putting too much pressure on the tendon, therefore loosen slightly.
  • For breeds with long hair, please bear in mind a clipping might be necessary in order for the brace to fit better.



  • During the period of restraint, it is advisable not to leave the dog alone for too long, because it might try to remove the brace by biting or scratching it
  • Be careful of the band when applying the brace to a male dog. When wrapping the band around the pelvis, pass the band in front of foreskin in order to avoid compressing the urethra.


As your pet has the potential to damage the brace or injured themselves, we recommend supervision of your dog at all time when wearing the brace.



On male dogs, the abdominal belt can be positioned in front of the penis or over the penis. The fabric of the belt is soft and comfortable in order to prevent skin irritation. Please check twice a day to ensure a comfortable fit. The abdominal belt is only meant to keep the brace at the correct height on the leg so please do not over-tighten the belt to avoid rubbings.

Please note that overweight dogs can have issues because of the abdomen hanging lower which can apply extra pressure against the belt.



Our braces are designed to fit male and female dogs.
In some cases of overweight dog (usually male) we offer an Optional Male Adaptor that can be used.

Optional Balto Male Adaptor




Your pet is in a recovery period so he/she cannot do as much and as long as before their cruciate tear injury. The healing is slow and depends on the level of activity of your dog. Once the knee is stable (surgery or knee brace) the key to a full, strong recovery is to do as much exercise as possible to prevent muscle wastage but while avoiding pain and a flare-up.

Ideally, look for a canine rehabilitation practitioner with a CCRP or CCRT qualification. They will establish a specific protocol and home exercise program according to your dog’s specific needs and level of recovery.


The level of exercise needs to be progressive.
It is safe to start with slow walks on a short lead for 5 minutes twice a day (straight lines on flat ground is best) then increase the time and type of ground. For small breeds who like to speed up on 3 legs, walking on gravel will slow them down. Weight-shifting exercises are an easy way to remind your dog that they can trust their leg again.
While your dog is standing (brace ON), place your hands around her/his rear then gently push the bottom from left to right very slowly so your dog will have to put their weight on each leg, shifting their weight from side-to-side.


Hydrotherapy is fantastic but swimming is a very fast motion that could damage the joint if done too soon. Start with walking in water first. Please control the playtime with other dogs or yourself. We recommend that your dog does not jump or run for 1 to 3 months.



  • The tear can be partial or total
  • There is the possibility of other damage present in the leg (collateral ligament, meniscus injury, patella luxation, sprain/strain on the hip back or hock)
  • The weight of your dog is another variable. Small breeds less than 10kg tend to improve faster than larger breeds or overweight dogs



The scar tissue that will stabilize the stifle needs 1 to 3 months to build up in order for the dog to walk without a brace.
During this first period, we advise you to use the brace every time the dog is active. Remove it at night or when the dog is resting.

After this initial period, the scar tissue needs another 6 months to consolidate and be strong enough to bear the full weight of an active (running, jumping, turning) pet without the brace. During this second phase, you can use the brace only during times of increased activity (e.g. in a dog park or on long walks)

  • It is very common for a dog to develop a cruciate injury on the second leg after the first one. The BT-JUMP-DUAL dog knee brace has been designed to lower this risk especially with overweight and older dogs.
  • Keep in mind that the brace provides support externally so it is still possible for the dog to chew and scratch it. Therefore we recommend to remove it when you leave the dog alone.
  • Like for any bandages, casts or braces, rubbing against the skin can happen. Please check your dog’s skin twice a day where it contacts the brace.
    A rubbing area indicates a fitting issue. Slacken the straps if required and reduce the amount of time that your dog wears the brace to allow healing of the irritated skin.
  • As your pet has the potential to damage the brace or injure itself, we recommend the supervision of your dog at all times when wearing the brace.



  • Most dogs get used to the knee brace very easily within a few minutes or hours.
  • If not then check the fitting again and help your dog with some exercises.
  • The weight-shifting exercise described in the section above is ideal.
  • Be sure to provide lots of treats and rewards when the dog is wearing the brace for encouragement.
  • Start progressively, only wear the brace for 15-minutes intervals at the beginning, several times on the first day. Then increase this to 1h, then 2h 3-4 times a day the following days.



If necessary, you can wash the brace gently by hand with soap and warm water (Less than 30dg Celcius | 85dg Fahrenheit).
Please make sure the brace is dry before fitting it on your dog in order to prevent infections.



It is very common (50% to 80% of cases) for a dog with a damaged first cruciate ligament on a leg to damage the other one on the opposite hind leg during the immediate months to 2 years.
The Balto knee braces are designed so that 2 single BT-JUMP knee braces on each side can be assembled together into a double knee brace. The BT-JUMP-DUAL dog knee brace.
The exception is the XXS size for smaller breeds as the BT-JUMP-XXS brace is too small to have an internal ring.








The rupture of the cruciate ligament means that the knee joint of your pet is unstable. The instability is triggered each time the dog bears weight on the leg. In the short term, the injury is painful and can be swollen, then a lack of activity leads to muscle wastage (atrophy). Within the time frame of a few months to a few years, the long term consequences of this instability are the onset of osteoarthritis.



Your veterinarian can perform surgery and place internal support (tie rope or screws and plate) to stabilize the knee joint. The knee braces can also bring external support to settle the joint instability. This is the reason why the BT-JUMP dog knee brace features two splints inserted into the comfortable, padded fabric to provide real support.



After any stifle surgery on your dog (such as tie rope technique, TTO, TTA, TPLO, D’Angelis, Extra-capsular imbrication technique, luxating patella surgery, Tibial Crest Transposition), the knee is painful and swollen from the implant stabilizing the knee joint. The first 2-3 weeks are delicate and even though the joint is stable, over-activity of your pet could damage the corrective work of the surgery. Some dogs will be easy to manage and some may become restless when confined and / or limited to restricted activity. For those canine patients that become too energetic, the use of a knee brace will help support and protect the surgery site.
The brace is then not used all the time but only when you are unable to restrain the activity level of your dog.



As explained in this video, the Balto dog knee brace is not an alternative to the patella surgical treatment and it is only a temporary solution to support the knee until a surgery can be organized.




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25 reviews for Balto – Dog Knee Brace – BT JUMP

  1. Troy

    The brace was used as part of an alternative treatment to surgery for a torn ACL on a Jack Russell Terrier. It was easy to fit and straight away my girl was able to put weight on her injured leg. With frequent use, hydrotherapy and light exercise she is on track to a full recovery. I would recommend this product to all dog owners whos best mate has suffered a knee injury.

  2. Rob and Rocco


    Thank you for such a wonderful product.
    Our miniature poodle was limping and favoring his back left leg. A vet said it was a torn crucial ligament and the operation was very expensive with a very long recovery so we decided to try the Balto Dog Knee Brace. We use it when we take him for walks, especially if we suspect he might run. After four weeks he is not limping and is putting weight on his bad leg. We are still being very careful with him but his recovery has been amazing. We will make sure he keeps wearing it for at least another month on his walks. I would recommend the Balto Dog Knee Brace to anyone.

    Kind regards Rob and Rocco

  3. Howard

    We bought the brace for our female Jack Russell, who had a ruptured cruciate ligament injury.
    It has been quite successful as part of her treatment, and we have avoided surgery. She has made good progress to this point.
    It is quite easy to fit and she does not mind wearing it. We had to add some padding around the bottom to stop rubbing, and the strap tends to slide off her back. We solved this problem by using a safety pin to pin the strap to her coat, which she mostly wears.
    Our vet was quite pleased with the design.
    As part of a coordinated recovery program of rest, anti-inflammatories, and gradual reintroduction of exercise, I would definitely say that the brace has been worthwhile. Regards

  4. Tracy

    The knee brace is awesome and the most reasonably priced. We received it before the set dates. It was a good fit, unfortunately, we are having to put our beloved Abraham to sleep tomorrow, which breaks my heart. Due to the fact that he is 13 he is not a good candidate for surgery so his health has declined rapidly in the last week. Thank you for a great product.

  5. Melissa

    We bought a knee brace for our 11-year-old lab x beagle, Bosco, who tore a cruciate ligament about 6 weeks ago. We hesitate to put him through surgery, due to his age.

    Initially, Bosco couldn’t put any weight on his injured leg. But since using the brace, mainly only when going for short walks, he is much stronger in the injured leg, and the brace is also helping to take some of the pressure off his good leg. He can now walk up a couple of stairs again, and even jump on our bed. J

    I would highly recommend trying the brace if surgery isn’t an option. Or maybe even before surgery, and for post-op recovery?

    Thanks, Alpha Mobility Solutions.


  6. Francesca

    Firstly the Knee Brace I bought for my dog (right knee Crucial Ligament) from your Company was easy to use, once I finally read the instructions ;-).
    I only use it when my dog jumps around a whole lot and it helps tremendously, the first time she had it on she wasn’t game to move, but now she wears it and walks easily with it on.

    So I guess that makes me happy with the Results it Gives to My Dog.

    And I have Recommended the Balto Knee Brace and your Company to my Veterinary Service and have given my Vet your card, as I took the Brace in to show her. She said that she had other Dogs with some kind of damage or pain and would suggest it to their owners.


  7. Shirley

    After 1 month use: The dog knee brace has worked wonders. I have kept the brace on Buster all day everyday and only take it off at night. He has had it off all day today and is walking without a limp at all. I will see how he goes again tomorrow and if he is still able to use his leg normally I will then only use the brace when he is going for long walks or running. I am so happy thank you so much.


  8. Shirley

    I am so happy with the results achieved by using the Balto Brace. My boy Buster had a severe cruciate ligament injury and was looking at surgery as an only answer. I discovered the Balto Brace on the Internet and decided to give it a try. After several weeks of wearing it all day and only having it off at night while sleeping Buster is back to his happy self no limp and no pain. I am amazed at the results.
    Thank you so much.

  9. Tom

    We have a Golden Retriever with cancer in the left front leg. We decided to let her live out her life since she is 12 years old instead of having it amputated. The brace is being used successfully to provide support for her weakened leg and to relieve pain. It is working very well.
    Tom, Delaware, USA

  10. Steve

    Hey yall,

    I just wanted to tell yall thanks. I’m very impressed with how fast this item shipped and the immediate quality of the product I received. Upon putting the brace on my dog and following the instructions on the box and online I noticed how well it fit and how well it adjusted to my dog. She quickly adapted to the brace and after a full afternoon of her trotting around the yard I have yet to see it slip down her leg nor does it seem to bother her. Praying this product helps naturally heal her partially torn ACL. Compared to other braces that are available (some around $700US or more and a month of waiting) for just over $100 bucks and fast shipping I’m very very impressed.
    Thanks again yall!
    Steve and Mugsy.

    => Slip problem is corrected by linking the back strap to the collar.

  11. Karin

    How are you?
    I received your braces today. I am extremely satisfied with them! I have been searching for the right braces for her for some time now. I was constantly “googling” images for “canine knee braces” and I became frustrated. As far as your product goes; there definitely weren’t enough photos on the web. Photos of dogs wearing them-at least not in the US! I purchase a lot of products online. Especially on I rarely write reviews. But, my brother swears by them and goes by them religiously. Therefore, I’d like to offer to write a review about your braces.

    I cannot get over the fact that my puggle started walking with them on and went outside to the bathroom with very little hesitation.
    I’ll attach a bunch of photos that I took of Razin this evening. You are very welcome to use them. If you give me some instructions on how/where I can post my very positive review with pic’s that would be great as well. Such as pet forums, blogs, etc.
    Thank you again. Karin

    Post on

  12. Brittany

    I wanted to share my appreciation for your well-designed braces. My dog tore his cruciate ligament in October just about as soon as we got to Colorado. All he was doing was running outside at our campsite. The next thing we knew he wouldn’t walk with his left leg down. We couldn’t, and still can’t afford a $4,000 surgery. We did our research and came across this amazing brand. As soon as we put it on him he was able to walk with his left leg again, but only with the brace on. After 2 months Nero could walk without the Balto brace. Now about 5 months out, we still make him wear it when we go for short hikes or if we know he’s going to be playful and be running around for protection. To be honest I think we’ll always make him wear it for those purposes as there is a noticeable difference when he wears it! Thank you for providing such excellent support for such a reasonable price. We don’t know what we would have done without it.

  13. Connie

    I just wanted to say thank you so much for your help on Christmas Eve with fitting a Balto Knee brace to my dog Scully. The vet specialist was recommending costly major surgery to “fix” her cruciate ligaments, but she is really coping very well with the Balto brace. While I have restricted her from climbing stairs, the brace allows her to quite happily go down stairs, walk and even run around the back yard and I’m only giving her some Chinese herbal pain medication once a day. She doesn’t seem to have any pain at all when wearing the brace and with the addition of some hydro-therapy to build up the muscle mass on that right hind leg, she is coming along really well. Thank you again, the brace is fantastic support for her leg!

  14. Alison & Geoff

    We recently purchased a Balto knee brace for our dog, Sally. She has a ruptured cruciate ligament in her right back leg and we are trying to avoid surgery. When we received the brace, we watched the video and gave it a go. We find it a lot easier to put it on if we put the belly strap on first and loosely position the leg brace. We then position the leg brace, tighten the 2 leg velcros, then tighten the belly strap. Otherwise, you tend to end up with velcros getting stuck to each other and it gets messy and frustrating. Sally doesn’t seem to mind wearing the brace. I leave it on her all day and take it off in the evening. She puts weight on the leg and seems to enjoy light exercise. She relaxes in the lounge at night quite happily. If she doesn’t wear the brace all day, she gets quite cranky – obviously in pain. We would certainly recommend this item, although we haven’t had it long enough to know if it will fix our problem, but we will continue to use it.
    Alison & Geoff

  15. Maryann and Ray

    Received both Left and Right Large Balto knee braces Saturday. My husband had flown home from work to help fit it on our 110 lb. pup. We both thought it may prove a nightmare to fit. However, was rather simple. The hardest part was our big and wiggly dog who tried to lie down and hide the injured leg. Once we got it on it was a different story. Our Boo is not bothered by the brace and was literally instantly putting weight onto the injured limb. We left it on overnight as she has 24-hour access to our property and is fairly active keeping an eye on her territory. She has not shown any discomfort nor tried to chew or remove the brace. Once we figured out we needed to use the collar strap to keep the belly strap from slipping due to lying down etc. this brace has not moved or shifted.

    Yesterday I ordered another pair (left and right) in the XL size. Our Boo hits the top range of Large fitting…and the Velcro straps that secure the brace around the knee joint are at their limit. But it is working fine….We are just hoping the XL may be a tad easier to put on and remove with longer straps that don’t catch up her fur as much when being engaged. So I suggest the measurement of “A” is very important (the “thigh”). Also, as a note; the collar strap has proven vital to keeping the brace stable. (We had to take the longer belly strap off the Left side brace we also bought… to fit the collar to belly strap length as the provided strap was way way too short to work.)

    We have a large wiggly dog. Not easy customer to deal with so we rigged up a temporary “head and haunch no sit” grooming support that will keep her standing while we remove and place the brace. Takes only a minute or so to fit once we became familiar with the brace. I do suggest the collar strap is very important. It keeps the belly strap from slipping backward with the change of position from lying to standing and general wiggling. The collar strap keeps the belly strap in place…that, in turn, keeps the brace itself from rotating or slipping out of the position of the knee joint.

    I am so very pleased with this brace. Boo’s injured Right leg was a mess. Within a few minutes of applying the brace, she was relaxed and putting more weight on the leg. Was instantly noticeable. Last night (after applying the collar strap) she was able to get onto the couch for a nap. This has not been possible for many weeks.

    I cannot praise this brace enough. Like a human knee brace, it seems the side supports provide instant relief as pressure is being taken off nerves and the joint is stabilized. We wait for the XL model and will give it some time before we apply the brace to the opposite leg.

    With an inoperable knee injury, a brace was our only choice. I researched all available and did not like what I saw for many reasons. Then I found Balto. Highest marks from both of us and our Boo.

    Maryann and Ray – CANADA

  16. Julie Moore

    My border collie had ACL repair surgery about 1.5 weeks ago, and this brace has been a lifesaver. it has really helped her get around. she is bearing some weight now on the leg, still wearing the brace. The brace has had the added benefit of covering the staples in her thigh, keeping her from getting at them! I feel relief that she has the added support of the brace when she needs it. Great product, easy to put on. I wish there was something like this for my mother who broke her hip on the same day my dog had surgery!

  17. Sandra KOVAC

    I purchased the Knee Brace for my 14-year-old toy poodle Scruffy who ruptured his cruciate ligament in June. The vet was adamant he would not operate due to his age and other health issues. After doing a lot of research myself, I came across your product and purchased it.
    Firstly I was impressed to have received it the following day. Scruffy has been walking on 3 legs for almost 6 weeks and is exhausted. I have started using the leg brace slowly and the strength he has regained has been remarkable. I even managed to take him outside on gravel and go for a slow walk. He spends most of his time inside (especially now during winter in the Adelaide Hills). He is more comfortable and has regained his balance. I cannot thank you enough for what your product has achieved for my beautiful dog. I am so impressed and grateful as I just can’t give up on not trying to help my best friend.
    Kind regards,

  18. Nicole

    Our 15-year-old Australian Shepard tore her CCL (right rear leg) at the start of January 2018. We bought the brace at the end of January and have been using it for 4 weeks now. In short, it has surpassed our expectations. We have moved from carrying Piper down the steps to having her able to walk down the ramp and then around the block. Immediately we noticed that the brace helped align her leg back under her body rather than ‘wobbling’ out to the side. She has put more weight on the leg, balancing the body weight and taking the excess strain off the good leg. The brace provides peace of mind for us and much needed support for our dog. Piper now ‘drops and rolls’ on the lawn and is able to be outside with our other dog. Money well spent! Thank you for a good website and a great product!
    Nicole – OH/USA

  19. Susanne Oswald

    Lilly is 8 1/2yrs old.

    She is a Siberian Husky X about 3 yrs ago she snapped her left Cruciate Ligament and had surgery to repair that, whilst recovering from that surgery she damaged her Luxating Patella in her left leg and required surgery.8 months later she snapped her right Cruciate Ligament and required more surgery.

    As we live on the Gold Coast walking on the beach is one of Lilly’s favorite things to do however because of the damage to her Patella this activity would often see her lame for a couple of days. I purchased the leg brace in an effort to give her left knee the stability to enable her to still be able to enjoy her beach walks/runs. It has been the best thing for her, no more lameness I would recommend the brace to anyone in the same situation.

    Warm Regards.


  20. Ed Moran

    I just wanted to thank you, after 2 months of wearing brace daily, no running, some laser,(& massage), Mickey has regained muscle & is walking completely normally (as well as he can, for almost 12yrs old,&arthritis). We do give him Chondroitin-Glucosamine supplements, but he does not need Carpofin or loads of aspirin. Just 1 100 mg., daily. I wish we had known about this brace 5 years ago when we put him through a $5K operation. It may have negated that! (x-rays show screws& loosened, some), but he is even eager to get up &play.
    Sorry for my “skepticism”!!!
    Ed Moran,

  21. Barbara

    We got the brace last night. Already our 14-year-old poodle is putting some weight on her injured leg. It is gratifying to see her regaining some mobility and we look forward to her continued improvement as she becomes accustomed to the brace. Thank you for an effective and affordable product!

  22. Tammy Smith

    I think it fits Charley, our JRT mix, perfectly. Now able to take her out other than to potty while doing conservative management.
    Thankful for this brace.

  23. Regina

    Hello Alfred,
    I would like to thank you for taking the time to make sure it was the right fitting for my dog. Minks is using it and it seems to really support his leg.
    Again thank you,

  24. Julia

    Pleased to have received my brace for my little chi super fast!! It’s comfortable for her and gives her rest bite from her knee.. she walks with ease and is very happy to wear it. Really pleased with my purchase worth every penny and I would always recommend…. I did email fist before ordering which gave me more confidence in my purchase….. many thanks fab product!!

  25. Hillary Lennons


    I just wanted to say a massive thank you to the Alpha Mobility Team and especially Eve.
    In 2018 our fur baby, Doug, tore his cruciate ligament. Being too old for surgery and it being very expensive, my husband and I were beside ourselves. We came across Alpha Mobility from a friend who swore by the product. So we ordered a knee brace and it has honestly been the best money we’ve ever spent.
    In time, Doug was able to walk and play as he could before the injury.
    A year later, Doug tore his other CL while playing fetch. We ordered the brace for the other leg straight away and Eve was so helpful with sizing.
    Knowing that we have the braces makes the stress of having an injured dog a bit easier.
    They are a little tricky to get on with a wriggly dog who refuses to put his leg down, but it’s definitely worth it.

    Thanks again.

    The Lennons

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Product Video

BT-JUMP-Fitting instructions


  • During the period of restraint, it is advisable not to leave the dog alone for too long, because it might try to remove the brace by biting or scratching it
  • Be careful of the band when applying the brace to a male dog. When wrapping the band around the pelvis, pass the band in front of the foreskin in order to avoid compressing the urethra.