A dog back brace to Lift and Carry your dog


Here is one of the reviews we receive regularly about the Balto dog back brace.

“Alice is our beautiful 12 1/2yr old Cocker Spaniel & a few months ago we noticed she was dragging her r/back leg. After tests, the diagnosis from the Vet was Degenerative Myelopathy. She is not in any pain & still has enthusiasm for life. We considered surgery but instead decided to provide her with all the supports & aids we could for her to maintain quality of life as long as possible. Alice now has a Balto dog back brace. It fits her perfectly, is soft & comfy, keeping her supported while she walks so her back legs do not drag.”

Kind regards

Carolyn, Bega”

Alice with her Balto Dog Brace


If you’re looking for a full-body length dog back brace, allow us to introduce one range of products that have been getting a significant amount of attention just recently; Balto. With braces for all sorts of injuries whether it’s the hind legs, front legs, paws, or even the spine and major joints, the Balto range excels in every area. Today, we have the BT BODY LIFT which has splints inside to keep the body straight when walking. If your canine friend has been experiencing issues with their spine and will or might be having some form of surgery, the BT BODY LIFT is a great product.

Located in the two side pockets, you’ll find two rigid splints that help to keep the brace stable as your dog moves but they also provide compression in the spinal column (proximal area) which helps if they have any type of spinal condition such as neurological disease. While some dog back braces are quite thin and lack the material required to have an impact on your dog, the BT BODY LIFT provides full-body support to aid recovery after spinal surgery or to keep pain to a minimum if surgery isn’t an option.

If your dog has had surgery recently, you should talk to your vet because some will actually store some of these products to lend to customers in order to boost the recovery and prevent further injury. If your vet doesn’t offer this option and you’re currently searching the market, it becomes quite easy to get confused when looking for products. However, there are a couple of factors you should be looking out for and the BT BODY LIFT seems to offer them all.

Handle Straps – First and foremost, handle straps can be extremely useful because they allow you to lift your dog no matter what size and weight they may be. With the straps being adjustable, they can be used for a whole manner of tasks and they’re also durable which means they aren’t likely to break any time soon.

Material – You want a material that will look after your dog, allow the skin to breathe, and also provide the support required to keep the spine in the right position. With the BT BODY LIFT, you have exactly this. With a breathable fabric, it prevents infection on any potential surgery sites and it can also be hand-washed which is a huge advantage.

Size – With some manufacturers, they’ll claim to make braces from a mold and therefore have the perfect fit, for a lot of money. With the Balto range, all braces available are quite heavily adjustable so it’s extremely rare that you won’t find a product that fits. With the BT BODY LIFT, there are five sizes altogether from XS to XL.

Splints – While the traditional support braces can do very good work, Balto has also introduced lateral splints which provides even more support and allows for a more gradual recovery; this is often the key to success. When a dog is rushed into recovery, there’s always a danger of reopening a wound or the hard work of the vet; with the BT BODY LIFT, the splints can be removed once your pet starts to build confidence on their legs.

If your dog has a spinal injury or maybe even lumbosacral disease, the BT BODY LIFT dog back brace would be a superb solution as support in a conservative management program or after surgery!