Shipping, Returns & Exchange

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All prices are given in Pounds Sterling (GBP).


Shipping Methods

If in the UK, you may choose from the following services:

  • Royal Mail “1st class” & “sign for”, for every shipment within the UK. This is free of charge for you. You would normally obtain your brace within a working day, as long as you put your order before 3pm.
  • Royal Mail “guaranteed by 1pm”, at the cost of £7,5 may you desire a fast, tracked & garanteed delivery.

For international shipment in Europe, we use Royal Mail, international tracked & signed service at the cost of £10,5. It would take normally 3 to 5 working days.

Please write to us if there is no shipping method available for your destination.


Shipping and Handling

Before our products are shipped, each item is carefully inspected and packaged so that it arrives to you in perfect condition. Damage occurring en route is highly unlikely. However, should this occur, please contact us by email (attach photos of damaged package and item) to report the fault within 2 days of receiving the item/s.



May you see a brace out of stock, an order could still be placed. However the delivery timeframe would be in this case three to five working days.


The first use

Given the nature of the products sold on our online store, we ask of you a particular attention when applying the brace on your dog for the first time to see if it fits properly. It is indeed best to apply on your dog, where the brace is to be put, a thin fabric or plastic film at first. In this manner, no transfer of odour or hair would be transfered to the brace. This is important when taking into account an eventual refund or exchange of the brace may it not be suitable for you. It is imperative for us to deliver your brace in a pristine condition, and therefore, if a return or exchange must occur, to get it back in the same state you received it,  to best match everyone’s expectations.

These are some reasons why it is important to us:
– Sense of smell: Due to their extremely sensitive sense of smell (between 10,000 and 100,000 times as acute as humans), dogs may feel uncomfortable wearing a brace that already has another’s smell on it.
– Hygiene: We want to avoid skin diseases cross-contamination from a dog to another
– New Braces: You trust us to provide new braces. A returned brace is not a new brace anymore if showing signs of having been worn.


Return Policy

For a full refund, we accept every return request within 14 days of receipt, as long as the brace does not show any sign of having been worn. It must be unused, odourless and hair-free. We will not be able to refund any brace that has been degraded. Please, have a look above at our concerns & imperatives when using the brace for the first time.

You will be notified within 2 working days of reception of the brace. After a control of the quality of the brace and when your claim checks out, you can then expect a full refund on your account within a fortnight.

Bear in mind we do not cover your shipping expenditures


To sum it up, for a full refund :

-the brace has to be returned within a fortnight of receipt

-must be new, with no signs of use, dirt, soil, or hair, and odourless, along with the packaging sent to you

If the returned brace does not match the criteria, there will be no refund and it will be sent back.


Exchange Policy

We accept any exchange request. We will be able to post your new brace as soon as we get to former one, and as long as it meets our return criteria. Please, refer to our return policy paragraph for our conditions. The shipping costs for the replacement will be the client’s. A refund or an upgrade would be put in place may there be a difference in prices between the two braces.

Write to us so that we can come up with a fitting process.


Content of this website

We reserve the right to make any change on any content of this website (products, specification, prices…) at any time without any notice.

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