Given the nature of the products sold on our online store, we ask of you a particular attention when applying the brace on your dog for the first time to see if it fits properly. It is indeed best to apply on your dog, where the brace is to be put, a thin fabric or plastic film at first. In this manner, no odour or hair would be transferred to the brace. This is important when taking into account an eventual return or exchange of the brace may it not be suitable for your dog. This would as well keep inspection fees to a minimum. It is imperative for us to deliver your brace in a pristine condition, and therefore, if a return or exchange must occur, to get it back in the same state you received it, to best match everyone’s expectations.

These are some reasons why it is important to us:
– Sense of smell: Due to their extremely sensitive sense of smell (between 10,000 and 100,000 times as acute as humans), dogs may feel uncomfortable wearing a brace that already has another’s smell on it.
– Hygiene: We want to avoid skin diseases cross-contamination from a dog to another
– New Braces: You trust us to provide new braces. A returned brace is not a new brace anymore if showing signs of having been worn.